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Inflammatomics™ Natural Pain Relief Lotion, Topical Pain Relief Plant-Based, 2 Oz Roll On

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  • PLANT INGREDIENTS: If you have tried every kind of over-the-counter or prescribed pain remedies, get back to natural, organic pain relief for real results. With no narcotics or unnatural chemicals, relieve nerve pain or musculoskeletal pain easily with no pills.
  • EASY ROLL-ON: Smooth roll-on applicator is convenient with no mess for pain in any area. Easy and lightweight enough for even arthritis or osteoarthritis sufferers to hold and use, this natural topical pain relief lotion roll-on pain relief is a neat solution with no clean-up. (Smart, love this!!!)
  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: Natural ingredients don’t irritate or interact negatively with your skin like other topical pain relief creams. Harness the potent natural properties of rosemary, turmeric, coffee, lavender, cinnamon, coriander, eucalyptus, and arnica.
  • SAFETY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Rest your worried mind about natural, non-addictive pain relief with this natural pain relief lotion: no pharmaceuticals or narcotics, just safe, plant-derived ingredients

The golden combination of arnica, lavender, eucalyptus, and coriander is the next level of topical pain relief, without the toxic unnatural additives of other pain relief creams.

Coriander, arnica, and lavender, known for their pain relieving properties, have been trusted as natural medicine for centuries. Get potent concentrations and real results, while avoiding toxic, unnatural, and addictive pain relief found in other topical pain relief lotions with this natural pain relief cream. Treat nerve, joint, or muscle pain worry-free and ensure the safety of family members with painful joints, muscles, or nerves. Whether you have a sore athlete in the house, or you are developing arthritis or chronic pain, look no further for 100% non-GMO, plant-based pain relief. 

Say goodbye to chemical, pharmaceutical, and narcotic pain relief with this natural muscle relaxer and nerve pain relief lotion. This natural plant roll on pain relief from InflammatOMICS is free from salicylates, corticosteroids, lidocaine, menthol, marijuana, or hemp:

Sore, achy muscles will melt, relax, and unknot with the organic pain relief from the arnica plant, eucalyptus, and lavender. Deliver calming relief for pain and itching, boost and revive your circulation and reduce swelling with coriander, coffee, and cinnamon. This natural, roll on pain relief cream, created to treat any kind of throbbing, tingling, sharp, deep, or achy pain and stiffness, is formulated with only natural ingredients you can trust- and that you can pronounce.


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