Do Antibiotics And Acne Go Together? by Kate Billingtton, edited by Filipe Muhale, PhD

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 Antibiotics are artificail chemical pharmacological indispensable to treat infectious diseases. Our body is naturally armed with an immune system and other mechanisms to fight infections. However, when pathogenic harmful bacteria grow in excessive numbers that overwhelms our bodies natural defenses, we need prescriptions for antibiotics. Acne is one of the most widely known skin issues that people deal with today. Acne is a non-infectious inflammatory skin disease that occurs when your pores get clogged with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Although dermatologists represent only 1% of the healthcare providers, they account for 4.9% of the prescriptions for antibiotics. Most of these antibiotic prescriptions are intended to treat acne by killing the skin's most common type of bacteria known as Cutibacterium acnes (C. acnes, formerly named Propiniumbacterium acnes). 

Even though this makes it seem like C. acnes is bad, it also contributes to maintaining your skin health. For example, C. acnes hydrolyzes triglycerides and releases free fatty acids that contribute to create acidic pH of your skin surface, thereby preventing the invasion of the skin with common pathogens. 

Antibiotics, while can be a good thing they could also be potentially harmful to your body. They have many side effects some of which include an upset stomach, dizziness, skin sensitivity to sunlight, and it kills off the good bacteria in your body. Antibiotics can be prescribed for a few weeks up to one year. This makes typically healthy individuals prone to these damaging factors for an extended period. 

There have been studies showing the currently more that 50% of Cutibacterium acnes strains are resistant to antibiotics. This makes antibiotics ineffective when it comes to treating acne. 

In our understanding, we at Moz Nutraceuticals LLC, believe that Cutibacterium acnes, the most abundant microorganism in the human skin is a friend. 

Probiotics are natural products that are very beneficial to our bodies & skin. 

We, at Moz Nutraceuticals LLC strongly believe that non-therapeutic strategies that are nutrition-based topicals, are to be considered in parallel with traditional, mid-centennial, side effects-bound pharmacotherapy. 

We advocate the usage of plant-based food nutriments (nutraceuticals) including probiotics for the skin microbiota. Ultimately, this process will help to re-establishing homeostatic interactions between you the human host and your skin microbiota; thereby turning the balance of pressure selection in favor of commensal microbiota subtypes, and not virulent bacterial subspecies including C acnes. AKA our products pair with your natural system in order to help your body defeat the bad bacteria, all while still keeping the good bacteria. 

by Kate Billington Part 1, 01/24/2020


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