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About Us

At Moz Nutraceuticals LLC we innovate plant-food medicines into pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals under the brand name Moza Naturals™.
We use 21st Century Science and Medicine so that our creams and lotions are designed as plant-based skin nutrition made with:
 -PLANT-FOOD PREBIOTICS to feed body`s skin microbiome thus strengthening our immune system;
-PLANT-FOOD ANTIOXIDANTS reduce oxidative stress;
-PLANT-FOOD EMOLIENTS to maintain skin hydration.
 For mothers and babies, at our heart, MOZ Nutraceuticals LLC encourages and assists with:
-EXCLUSIVE BREASTMILK feeding during the first year of life;
-RESTORING mothers` skin beauty.
 Moza Naturals ™ products are made by a Biomedical Scientist and a Pediatrician parents.